Small Details You Missed In Solo: A Star Wars Story

Small Details You Missed In Solo: A Star Wars Story
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The galaxy's scruffiest-looking nerf herder finally got a film all to himself with Solo: A Star Wars Story, and as far as all-out, action-filled heist movies go, it's out of this world. Taking place about a decade before Han would meet Luke and his crew in a dingy little cantina on Tatooine, Solo gives us a pretty clear backstory about the troubled, optimistic, Han. Despite the hero's general detachment and disenchantment from all things Jedi, it's hard to escape common threads dangling throughout the Star Wars universe. From name-checked bounty hunters to familiar face masks, here are a few details you may have missed in Solo...

Stay golden | 0:36
Questions about Kessel | 1:30
Big bounty | 2:35
Legends | 3:44
Crimson Dawn | 4:27
Aboard the Falcon | 5:13
Digging deep | 6:01
Weazel and company | 6:52

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