Pasc: Head Massage To "Ask Switzerland" (ASMR)

Pasc: Head Massage To "Ask Switzerland" (ASMR)
Pasc: Head Massage To Ask Switzerland
Video by: Pascal Storrer

Mein zweiter Kanal auf Schweizerdeutsch: 
Hi guys
This is a new head massage video for you. This time, I've invited another youtuber from Switzerland. It's Lionel as Ask Switzerland. You can find the link to his awesome German speaking channel below. 
This was his first head massage ever and he liked it. 

An dere Stell möcht ich dir au danke sage, Lionel, dass de derbi gsi bisch und das Experiment igange bisch. Es het Spass gemacht und isch au für mich was Neues gsi! :)

To my followers and subscribers:
Thanks for watching! I like doing this for you. It makes me happy to hear that the videos help you to relax or fall asleep. You can expect a lot of new videos soon. We have many request videos in the pipeline and we are going to make a spring themed head massage video. Have a nice Sunday and good start into the new week! :)


Lionel's channel (Ask Switzerland):

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