Pasc: Head Massage & Aggressive Hair Brushing At Night After Work (ASMR)

Pasc: Head Massage & Aggressive Hair Brushing At Night After Work (ASMR)
Pasc: Head Massage & Aggressive Hair Brushing At Night ...
Video by: Pascal Storrer

Hi guys :D
Last Friday we spontaneously made a new head massage video after work at night. The intro in which I'm sitting in a bar, we filmed just with the cellphone of my girlfriend. That's why the picture quality is not the best but it doesn't matter. Here, the ambience is more important. The scenes in our apartment have also not a high picture quality because of the dimmed light. But I'm going to buy a new camera soon this Spring! ;)
After the little break (I've made a come back video last Wednesday) we thought that we could bring one of our standard head massage & hair brushing videos. This time after work at night :)
Next weekend we're back with a new request video. It will be a shampooing video (I have promised this one for a long time). Moreover I will bring another new video during the week. It's not about ASMR. We will see ... :)

Have a lovely Sunday night and of course a good start into the new week.

Greetings & hugs from both of us

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