Pasc: Head Massage With Oil (Request By ashadds)

Pasc: Head Massage With Oil (Request By ashadds)
Pasc: Head Massage With Oil (Request By ashadds)
Video by: Pascal Storrer

Hello my relaxation friends! :)
This is a new head massage video and a request by youtube user ashadds. Unfortunately the background was sometimes a bit noisy (baby crying, train, etc.). Nonetheless it was an awesome massage and hair play. It felt great. I hope you enjoy it.

Moreover I can say that we have more massage and relaxation videos and especially requests in the pipeline. I will post news about upcoming massage videos soon.

Thanks for watching and your support. It makes me happy to see that you like my videos! :)

Greets from Switzerland

Also thank you again to my girlfriend, who helps me always making these head massage videos. Her hands are great. Love you babe.

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