Pasc: Gentle Neck Scratching, Brushing And Massage (ASMR)

Pasc: Gentle Neck Scratching, Brushing And Massage (ASMR)
Video by: Pascal Storrer

Hi guys :D
We've made this video spontaneously today. Respectively my girlfriend woke me up. I had no idea. But we have discussed this a few days ago. I was a bit grubby and I couldn't make my hair. I went to bed at 3.30am. My girlfriend woke me up around 9.30am. Then I got my neck scratched, brushed and massaged. We want to share this moment with you guys! :)

Next time we will upload a request video. Our request list is getting bigger and bigger. And we still take requests! ;)


Greetings from Switzerland and have a good start into the new week.

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E liebe Gruess au an alli mini Schwiizer Fründe oder suschtigi kuhle Lüüt us de Schwiiz wo das lueget. Danke vielmol! :D

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